Coastal Sunset Concierge Services Are Extremely Helpful To Absentee Owners

Attention! Absentee Home Owners in Hilton Head and Bluffton Who Need A Trusted Concierge Services

Coastal Sunset Property Services provides a variety of concierge and home watch services to absentee homeowners in Hilton Head and Bluffton, SC.

We offer our cost effective convenience at every level, so that our clients can rest assured that their second home will always be available for the intended purpose, a relaxing retreat that is ready for your arrival.

Current clients are so happy with us because they know they can trust our work because we continually communicate with them.

Clients will be assured that we walk the perimeter, exterior and interior of the property, home, guest house, pool area and garages while monitoring:

  • Visible water leaks
  • Pool cage damage
  • Fence deterioration
  • Pool chemical levels
  • Rodent infestations
  • Yard service integrity
  • Flush toilets and run water through all drains
  • A/C and de humidifier settings accurate
  • Refrigerator and wine cooler operational
  • Specific requests per client

Better Safe Than Sorry By Having The Right Concierge Sevices

Many household disasters are easily averted with routine inspections of your home.

The Lowcountry in South Carolina is home to high humidity, storms, and unique pests, some of which love to nest in dry drains and quiet pipes.

Small water leaks can completely ruin your carpet, hardwood flooring, even tile, as well as baseboard, dry wall and more in just a few days if undetected.

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