House Cleaning Checklist: A Room-By-Room Guide

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We all want a clean and tidy home. But the question is, how can you achieve that? We recommend having an essential cleaning checklist to ensure that every room in your house has been cleaned and organized. If you need high standard cleaning in your home, you might consider hiring professional cleaning services in Bluffton, SC. 

We have provided a regular cleaning checklist guide below. To get more information on residential cleaning services, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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Regular Cleaning Checklist Guide

1. Kitchen Cleaning Checklist 

The kitchen is the most frequented area in your house. It is where meals are prepared frequently for the family, and needs to be kept clean. Here’s what you can do to ensure your kitchen remains spotless.

  • Ensure the floors are polished
  • Tables and chairs should be cleaned
  • Clean the front of the cabinets
  • Ensure you clean the appliances
  • Windowsills should be dusted and polished
  • Regularly empty trash
  • Sterilize garbage container and ensure you replace the liner
  • Sterilize countertops and backsplash, ensuring no dirt is left
  • Scrub the sink
  • Thoroughly clean stovetop as well as burners
  • Thoroughly clean walls and door frames, leaving them spotless
  • Ensure you polish the cabinet, drawer, and doorknobs 

2. Bathroom Cleaning  Checklist 

The bathroom is another frequented area in your home, after the kitchen. It can be messy with toothpaste smeared in the sink, damp towels everywhere, or hair blocking the shower drain. You’ll enjoy your activities in your bathroom if it’s spotless and welcoming. The following checklist will guide you to achieve a pristine and welcoming bathroom.  

  • Properly scrub your shower tiles and tub
  • Sterilize your toilet to kill germs
  • Ensure you clean all the fixtures in your bathroom
  • Dry your towels and fold them
  • Sterilize countertops
  • Ensure your cabinets are spotless
  • Scrub your sink and sterilize it 
  • Polish your floors and scrub them 
  • Clean your window sills ensuring they remain spotless
  • Clean all the mirrors in your bathroom
  • Always empty the wastebasket and clean the laundry basket.

3. Bedroom Cleaning  Checklist 

It’s impossible to get a sound sleep in a messy bedroom. You wouldn’t even want to take a daytime nap in it! Here’s the checklist you can follow if you want a fresh, comfortable room to rest in.

  • Clean and change your bed covers
  • Clean the lamps in your room and dust them
  • Dust the frames and furniture
  • Vacuum your floors and polish them
  • Clean your window sills and mirrors
  • Select dirty laundry and keep them aside
  • Ensure you dust the baseboards and clean the light switches
  • Remove cobwebs in all areas of your ceiling

4. Living Room Cleaning  Checklist 

A neat living area is attractive and inviting to visitors. Keeping your living room clean and tidy also prevents dirt and germs that can harm your health as well as your family’s. Professional housekeepers do the following:

  • Ensure your upholstered furniture is vacuum
  • Make straight and fluff your cushions and pillows
  • Ensure all woodwork is dusted, your door-frames and switch plates
  • Dust ceiling and all its corners, clean lamps and lampshades
  • Dust your picture frames and all corners of your furniture
  • Polish your hardwood and wash your tile floors
  • Clean your hallways and stairs
  • Vacuum all your carpets 
  • Clean your window sills and dust your baseboards
  • Empty trash and water your plants
  • Dust your TV set and audio equipment
  • Perform a comprehensive general straightening

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Regular maintenance of your home ensures you stay in a clean and healthy environment. However, keeping up with everything on the checklist may be a bit overwhelming for some people. 

Are you in need of residential cleaning services in Hilton Head Island and Bluffton SC ? Look no further as Coastal  Sunset Property Services has got your back. We are a team of professionals who love to make sure that everything is spotless and in their proper place. Once we’re done, your house will look and feel brand new.

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